Boy eating ice cream while mom's drying him with a towel
Boy and girl pretend play they are dinosaurs
Big sister looking over cot at baby brother
Mom dressing boy
Lady blowing up a blue balloon for kids
Boy pulling faces
Boy on beach looking at a kite
Boy peaking out over a box
Boy in swimming pool
Mother and son laughing
Boy handing empty ice cream cone to someone
Mother and son lying down while other boy tries to pull her up
Mother and baby girl both looking at something
Mother's hand blowing girls nose
Boy lying on his back crying
Father holding baby girl
Boy peeking through cups and a bottle of milk
Someone's hand showing little girl something
Mom and daughter both looking off to the side
Aneen Graupe is a Windhoek newborn and family photographer specializing in documentary (photojournalistic) style photography and storytelling sessions.
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